The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills. The AMC 8 provides an opportunity for middle school students to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers. Students apply classroom skills to unique problem-solving challenges in a low-stress and friendly environment.
  • WhatAMC8 (more info at Do not need to register for the test on this site. See below for registration details.)
  • When: 11/12/2019
  • Where: Cherry Crest Elementary Gym
  • Note: Parents need to provide transportation/pick up after the test.
  1. AMC8 is a middle school, individual based math competition. These questions will be challenging for most elementary school students. While we provide the opportunity for our Math Olympiad Club students to participate, we also urge parents to evaluate using the sample questions provided in the AMC8 link above before signing up. We do not want to discourage students by pushing them to do more difficult tests before they are ready.
  2. The registration is based on first come, first serve basis. Spaces are limited to the first 70 students.
  3. There is no cost to individual families to participate in this competition.
  4. Students need to bring their own pencil and eraser and scratch paper if needed. No calculators allowed.



Math Problem solving contests for teams of up to 35 students in grades 4 through 8.
It is open only to schools, school districts, home schools, and institutes (NOT INDIVIDUALS).

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Club Start Date is 10/22

  • Date & Time:  Each Tuesday when school is in session, starting at 2:30 PM, ending at 3:30 PM.
  • Place: Classroom 202 for class 1, Classroom 201 for class 2
  • Please Bring:
    • Pencils & a Math Binder or notebook.
    • Any class work or homework from previous weeks.
    • Please bring payment on the first day of class, $80 payable to Cherry Crest Math Olympiad Club. There will be no refund after the second class.