Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What time does the Club start and end? Where do we meet?

The Club start date is Oct 22nd, 2019. The end date is March 31st, 2020. The class time is once per week at Cherry Crest Elementary between 2:30 to 3:30 PM. After registering with the Club and the assessment exam is completed, you will receive class assignment information.

If I join the CCMOC, do I have to participate in Competitions?

Yes. Our Club focus is to increase students’ math skills through preparation and participation in statewide and nationwide Math Competitions. Participation in these competitions is a requirement for joining the Club.

Is there any cost for the Club? And what does it include?

Cherry Crest Math Olympiad Club is a volunteer-based-parent-run Club. There is a fee of $80/student for the year. This will include purchasing math materials for the Club, and pay for 6 individual on-site competitions for all Club members. No refund after the second week of Club.
There will also be additional fees for participating outside team-based competitions. This fee is paid directly to Competition organizers, CCMOC does not charge in addition. The average competition cost per student is $50 or less for the year per student.

What are the Periodic Assessments?

In addition to the initial assessment, periodic assessments will also be given. Students who do not pass a periodic assessment (passing score is 60% or higher) will be given a chance to improve. Two Fail marks will result in the student being replaced by a new student from the other class. No refund on disqualification due to failed assessments.

Is there attendance requirements?

Yes. The Club meets once a week on Tuesdays after school for one hour. Students must attend. Two unexcused absences will result in the student being replaced by another student from the other class. Please be sure to plan your
schedule before committing to the Club. Notify the Club of your student’s absence by no later than end of day Monday in order to be excused. No refund on disqualification due to unexcused absences.

How do I register for all the competitions?

The Club will help register for all on-site individual, as well as outside team-based competitions. More information will be provided for each competition at a later time.

How do I form a team for team-based competitions?

Each student will be responsible to form/join your own team. Each team consists of 4 students. In an effort to keep the Cherry Crest teams competitive, the Club requires team to be formed within your own class assignments when possible. For example, the top 20 students will be assigned to the higher level class. Teams should be formed within this class first, before others are considered. Exceptions are allowed due to age/grade difference, or unexpected circumstances which should be discussed with the Club.

Do I need to volunteer in the Club?

Yes, it is required. There are a few different types of volunteers. Each family must do one or more of the following.

  •  Coach: Teaching classes in Classroom for at least 5 times during the year.
  •  Logistical Support: we need web admin, registration help, online content support. You do not need to come to school each week. Time need vary.
  • Classroom volunteers: Each family must volunteer at least 3 times in classroom throughout the year to help with attendance and organizing the classrooms, so coaches can just focus on teaching math.

If you are interested in becoming a coach please email the Club at

Will there be teachers involved in the Club?

Yes! We are very fortunate to have two of our ALS teachers, Ms. Hemker and Ms. Jessa, to be our Club Faculty Advisers! They will be working with the Club on overall directions and goals, as well as coaching our parent-coaches on how to be more effective in class.